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Christian Attitudes Toward Abortion

 Since the Supreme Court decision in the case Roe v. Wade in 1973, the issue of medical (induced) abortion has so polarized much of the religious and secular segments of American society that the reclamation of any common ground between the factions which have come to be known as "pro-life" and "pro-choice" may be impossible. While neither advocating a position in favor of a woman's free-will choice to seek and obtain an induced abortion nor one which advocates the total ban on such a procedure, this paper will, in effect, play "Devil's advocate" and challenge the conventional Christian attitudes toward abortion, in an attempt to create a "middle ground" upon which pro-life and pro-choice advocates may meet and rationally seek a resolution of the issues which have so painfully divided the American nation.

The theme "Abortion and the Sacredness of Life" presupposes that life is sacred, and seems to imply that abortion is a "sinful" act. In a singularly religious world, these two premises might be correct, and no further discussion would be necessary. However, God's created world, and subsequently His Church, has devolved from the perfection entrusted to Adam and Eve, and has suffered through periods of religious extremism and secular reaction, religious intolerance and secular repression. Since its foundation, the Christian "Church" has repeatedly been split into a variety of "factions" (i.e., denominations) which offer assorted stylistic, moralistic, philosophical, or theological interpretations, each of which is purported to be the "correct" rendition of Scripture, together with all its implications for those who have perhaps found themselves disillusioned with the religious practice of a previous denomination or religion. Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Episcopals, Pentecostals, and a slew of other Protestant denominations find themselves at odds with one another over trivialities such as the "inerrancy" of Scripture, pre...

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