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Miramax Films

Miramax Films is an independent film company that started more than 15 years ago with one film acquisition in release and that has developed into a major production entity for independent product. The company is now a subsidiary of Disney but operates as an independent entity within that company. This has created some tension because of the difference between Disney's conservative family image and the more daring product from Miramax, leading in at least one case to a protest against Disney by religious leaders who objected to a film about a sexually-obsessed Catholic priest. Miramax has produced the highly successful Pulp Fiction and has acquired a number of films that have been successful, notably The Crying Game. The marketing mix of the company is broad within the independent area, and it is likely to continue to be so and to be successful so long as Disney leaves the company alone and allows it to operate as it was when it was purchased.

Miramax Films started as an independent film production company that has since been acquired so that its films will be released by the Disney company, which has created some problems for them both. Miramax has remained an independent entity within the larger Disney corporation, though there has been speculation that this may not last if the boutique company continues to produce films that test the patience of Disney executives because they are difficult to market and bring associations to Disney that the latter, family-oriented company may not want. Miramax is an ambitious company that had a number of independent successes before becoming part of Disney and that continues to try to produce not only interesting and challenging films but also a large number of films when compared to other small companies. The marketing mix of the company offers a wide range, though the company is thought of as geared to a more intelligent market than the average Hollywood company. The films produced also ...

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