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Comparison of Mozart's "Haydn Quartets" to Haydn

: This paper will discuss the ways in which Mozart's

"Haydn Quartets" are similar to the string quartets of Haydn.

B. Haydn was an innovator of the classical style

C. Mozart took Haydn's ideas and became a master of them

III. Haydn's Opus 33 for string quartet

A. Opus 33 is subtitled "Gli Scherzi" (The Jokes)

B. Haydn wrote Opus 33 in a "new manner"

1. All four parts are given equal treatment

2. Opus 33 is more complex and sophisticated than earlier quartets

3. Emphasis is placed on the development of themes

A. The quartets were inspired by Haydn's Opus 33 and were dedicated to Haydn

B. Similarities Of the "Haydn Quartets" to Haydn's string quartets

1. The works show adaptation of Haydn's "new manner"

2. Imitation of some of Haydn's themes

3. Imitation of Haydn's use of slow introductions

C. Differences between the "Haydn Quartets" and Haydn's string quartets

2. Mozart's exceeded Haydn with his high level of mastery

V. Conclusion: Mozart was clearly inspired by Haydn in writing his "Haydn Quartets" but he also went beyond Haydn with his skillful mastery of composition.

Between the years 1782 and 1785, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote six string quartets which were dedicated to his friend and fellow composer, Joseph Haydn. These quartets, known as the "Haydn Quartets," were among Mozart's "first six masterpieces in the medium."1 In composing these works, Mozart was inspired by Haydn's recently published Opus 33, which is also a set of six string quartets. When Haydn wrote his Opus 33 in 1781, it was the first time he had written for the string quartet in a period of ten years. With the six pieces of Opus 33, Haydn established a style of chamber music that he described as being in "an entirely new, very special manner."2 At the same time, it had also been nearly 10 years since Mozart had written for the string quartet. Mozart met Haydn in Vienna, and heard t...

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