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Moral Dilemma

A small company has developed a blood pressure medication but cannot afford to take the drug through the FDA approval process.

III. The Response of Different Worldviews to the Dilemma

A. Central to my worldview of Christian Theism is a belief in God.

B. Christian theists act on moral absolutes, not moral relativism.

C. An afterlife is an important part of Christian Theism.

V. My Worldview Contrasted With Other Worldviews

A. Man is not the most important element of the universe.

B. Reality is not dependent or even related to man.

C. Language is central to both Christian theism and postmodernism.

VI. Descriptive Values Which Emerge from My Worldview

Descriptive values of Christian theism include humility, sacrifice, tolerance and teaching others.

VII. Moral Values Which Emerge from My Worldview

Moral values which emerge from Christian theism include honoring God, acting charitably and working for social justice.

Each of us responds to daily situations based on our own ethical perspectives; this is true regardless of whether we recognize or can label our perspectives as "postmodern," "atheistic existentialism," or "Christian theism." Being aware of our own ethical perspective, and being aware of other ways in which individuals view the world can help us understand those with whom we come in contact and their perspectives. This is especially critical in the business environment, where individuals with often vastly different and divergent ethical perspectives come together in a single organization. In the pages that follow, a hypothetical moral dilemma is presented in a business context, and evaluated against my personal worldview and other commonly held worldviews. My own resolution is presented at the end after considering how others would respond to the same dilemma.

The moral dilemma concerns a new blood pressure medication which has been developed by a small start-up company which l...

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