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3 Essays of Personal Experiences

An old woman once remarked that weddings are the only event where everything can go wrong and the event still manages to be a success. I laughed at the time, but then I was a bridesmaid in a close friend's wedding. My friend wanted a big, formal wedding with all her friends and relatives. Six of her closest friends, including me, were her bridesmaids. With our help, she was coordinating all the arrangements. This included the caterer, florist, trips to the dressmakers, special invitations, rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, and all manner of detail culminating in the march down the aisle and an outdoor sit-down dinner for 250. The event was scheduled to take place in a local mansion that rented out the house and grounds for weddings and other social events.

The location had been booked six months in advance, and the bride-to-be called every month to reconfirm. After reviewing countless menus, interviewing dozens of caterers, and tasting mountains of sample hors d'oeuvres, a small, new caterer was selected. The florist was recommended by the agent who rented the mansion. The wedding rings had been bought and were being sized. The obligatory ugly bridesmaid dresses were being made. The wedding grown was in the final fitting stages. Limousines were reserved. Gifts were wrapped.

The day of the wedding arrived. The mansion was huge with numerous second and third floor bedrooms, so the wedding party members came early to dress on site. When we arrived the ballroom was decorated with flowers--the wrong color flowers. Quickly we checked the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. They were fine. We called the florist. When the florist arrived, the ballroom was decorated. They assumed there had been a mix-up, left the boxes for the bridal party, and returned to the florist. They were doing three weddings that day, so they did not bother to check back. The flowers were left from the noon wedding that did not begin ...

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