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Question: Is the United States one of the best examples in modern times of the Tyranny of the Majority?

Two hundred and fifty thousand people hear Martin Luther King, Jr.'s eloquent speech: "I have a Dream" in Washington in 1963. Public pinion polls show that most Americans favor some sort of racial equality. Two weeks later, four little black girls are killed when a bomb exploded in a Birmingham church. (Just this past week, the alleged perpetrators, Klansmen, were found "guilty".)

Homosexuals have frequently found a haven for their lifestyle in San Francisco's liberal government. Then, a "fag-hater" former council member shoots and kills San Francisco's mayor and the city's ding gay activist, Harvey Milk.

In Los Angeles, a black teen-ager shoots and kills a Korean grocer, giving as an excuse: "They always cheat us."

California's child labor laws are the least enforced in the nation, mainly because the agriculture lobby insists that migrant workers need their children to help in the fields.

Just this week, New Jersey's Lieutenant Governor resigned because he had lied to investigators about racial profiling by the state police. A Los Angeles City legislator, black, was stopped by Beverly Hills police, made to get out of his expensive, and questioned what he was doing in that vicinity.

Vietnamese shrimp fishermen in Corpus Christi, Texas, had their boats burned by "Americans" who did not want toe competition from "foreigners" willing to work for much less.

According to Labor Department statistics, women still earn (on the average) 67 cents for every dollar earned by men in similar jobs. The glass ceiling still prevents many women from reaching that corner office and top management.

These are just a few examples why minorities continue to have a difficult time with some Americans, who resent their color, their ethnic background, gender, or sexual preferences. Not a day goes ...

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