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Group Team Meeting Critique

In the beginning of the semester, my group team meeting was not productive at all. The reasons for being that unproductive is because, our team did not reacted to the project as soon as possible. The other reasons were that few of the team members had time conflict in their other activities such as sport and other group assignments. But at the end, about two months before the semester ended, we got together and exchanged lots of our ideas in order to get the project done as team.

After the team communications has established, we started diving our own individual tasks for the project. During my first visit to the St. Anthony Marian's Residence, I was shocked for a minute, because the homeless shelter is very well maintained and it was not that big. I thought it was a great advantage so that we can get to know and learn about the organization better and easier. I had conversation with three of the women who are currently living there. Having to start conversation with them is a little challenge for me; of course, being in the St. Anthony shelter for the first time gave me a nervous feeling. After introducing my self to one of the women, she gave me a smile; this gave me the confidence to continue the conversation with her.

On my last visit to St. Anthony women homeless shelter, I got to spoke to the women for an hour long after their dinner. This was a good opportunity for me and to the team to get the information that they need in the survey. The women that I spoke to was Asian as well, so this enables me to communicate better, since we have the same background. Now this last woman that I interviewed, her name was Yvonne. She was quite at first and did not spoke unless is necessary in the beginning. After I had explained to her about the questionnaire survey she began drawing on the survey paper that I have gave her to read. She was drawing a frog and some stones, and then she asked me if I knew what she was drawing. I immediat...

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