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Gender & Leadership Role


The following research investigated gender and the leadership role and determined if there are differences in leadership styles, behaviors, traits, and characteristics between female leaders and male leaders. Because the presence of women in leadership positions is a recent phenomenon, questions have emerged regarding the efficacy and effectiveness of female leadership. For example, does the institutional environment change when a female assumes the leadership role? Are financial solvency and institutional stability perceived differently when females function as institutional leaders? Does institutional stress levels increase, decrease, or remain unchanged? Do changes in communication styles and patterns occur? Are there differences in interpersonal interactions between and among institutional groups? Are specific leadership styles, behaviors, traits, and characteristics perceived, ascribed, or expected solely on the basis of gender? The literature suggests that there may be specific gender-related leadership differences between males and females in leadership styles, behaviors, traits, and characteristics. This qualitative study assessed 2 male and 4 female faculty with face-to-face interviews. Results were that most respondents found distinctions between male and male leaders with leadership and style differences. Specifically, these distinctions were found in areas of stress management and change initiation. However, these distinctions did not support the notion that female leaders are less competent than male leaders. Gender differences in fiscal health management were not supported. Individual comments led to the conclusion that it was personality and leadership characteristic differences rather than gender influences that resulted in the distinctions noted.

Several questions have emerged as a result of perceived differences...

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