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Interview with a Former Athlete

I've played many sports throughout my life. I've played volleyball, football, track and field, swimming, gymnastics, and baseball. I've also participated in horseback riding and scuba diving. Basically, the only sports that I haven't participated in but have wanted to are pole vaulting and diving.

I still play a lot of sports, especially since I am a PE teacher. I play handball, four square, volleyball, hopscotch, football, basketball, soccer, tetherball. I also go scuba diving and horseback riding.

What is your favorite sport and why?

That's a tough one. If I had to pick a favorite sport then I guess that would be beach volleyball. It is a kind sport, first of all. It is very kind on the body. You are not subjecting your joints to shock from the concrete. It is also a good team sport. But what's great about it is that you can play with two people or a dozen people. It doesn't really matter. It has simple gear -- all you need is a net and a ball. And it is on the beach. I love the beach.

Did your parents and/or peers encourage participation in

Most definitely. We were a family of four girls and my dad had always wanted boys. So, he wanted us out there doing it and living it. Also, my dad was very athletic. As a family we were always doing physical activity. Whether it be backpacking or going water skiing or snow skiing. Also, my dad was a fire fighter and we lived on a block with other fire fighters and cops. So it seemed that almost every family really encouraged physical activity.

What is your fondest memory about playing sports?

Well, I guess the best memories that I have are when my parents would come and see me play. They were busy parents and it would always make me happy when I would look up and see them there watching me.

Have you ever sustained any injury because of sports?

Well, I've never sustained any injury b


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