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Motherhood Without Husbands

In today's American society, there are many prominent examples of highly visible female figures that have chosen motherhood, either through artificial or conventional means, in order that they may have children when the prospects of a husband is not available to them. Among these are ABC's The Practice star, Camryn Mannheim, who chose single motherhood while continuing her highly publicized career. While Hollywood industry professionals seem to be more ready and willing to accept women who make these choices, those who work in the television industry are also more likely to be able to provide for such offspring in a manner befitting the ideals of single motherhood -- nannies, stable homes, food -- due to the ability of the mother to be able to secure a salary range that meets with such a lifestyle.

While being in the public eye encourages the public to eye more closely one's choices of public and private behavior, it is evident within the last few years that American values and beliefs surrounding the definition of 'family' and 'motherhood' are changing, not only themselves, but Americans with them. Therefore, to determine whether or not the idea of unwed motherhood is a proper message to be sending to young people is impossible to calculate.

One reason that the public could not question her moral conventions is that it is becoming more and more acceptable for Lesbians to seek artificial insemination and procreate. It would not be right for the station to question her gay lifestyle on moral or legal grounds, therefore, equal consideration should be given to her for a similar choice made without a partner -- homosexual or heterosexual.

Another reason for the changing definition of family is that women have been told by the feminist movement that they control their bodies and that control offers them the choice to choose if and when to take on the station of motherhood. This young woman felt her choices of partner were ...

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