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Personal View of Privacy Issue

Have you ever met someone who is so open about everything that he or she exemplifies that old saying "My life is an open book." I was not brought up that way. Personal things remain persona, almost secretive. I actually know very little about my parents' background, except what they want to share. We kids were taught never to ask "personal question." Of course, chat rooms on the internet give people a certain amount of freedom to talk about themselves- fact or fiction- with the understanding that few people, if any, actually know who the person is behind the screen name. Unfortunately, while chatting in one of these chat rooms, I had a rather lengthy conversation with someone, anonymously, of course. I let down my hair about a failed relationship. I was pretty darn specific. What I did wrong. Where he failed me. How lonely I was without someone steady that might take me away from the serious business of classes and study. It was a way to let go. I figured nobody knew who was saying those things and really letting the emotional dam burst.

The next day, during lunch break, I was sitting alone at a table in the student cafeteria when someone I knew from a few of my classes sat down. We had a friendly, but not "close" relationship. But, now she stared at me! "You're__________!" She blurted out my screen name. I stared at her for a moment. "How did you---"I felt embarrassed. "Oh, it's really very simple. I got curious who I was talking to, so I got into the AOL database, and after some digging, I found your name and the screen name you use." I sat there stunned. It was a sort of identity theft. That was all I could think of. My anonymity, my safety- all gone in a flash. I fumbled for some sort of words to reply. I was going to suggest she had made a mistake. But she had not. So, I simply smiled and said "Well, I needed to get something off my chest. I hope it stays between us." She looked at me and said "Of course. Between us ...

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