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Acceptance of Nurse Practitioners

1. Aiken, Clarke, Sloane, and Sochalski (2001) report there is a nursing shortage and nurses are reporting job dissatisfaction. However, the authors also state that the competence of NPs and MDs and the relationships between the two appear to be satisfactory.

2. Efforts to control costs are found in managed care and other environments. Nurses have the primary goal of promoting and protecting health. Nurses are overworked, morale is decreasing, overtime is mandatory overtime, and scheduling practices are unsafe and demeaning (Gordon, 2000).

3. Salvage (2000) reported that nurses are demonstrating their ability to do some of the jobs that doctors do and patients are reporting greater satisfaction with nurse care. Nurses appear to be changing their roles and practices. In primary care roles, NPs practices include: physical exams, diagnoses and treatment of common illnesses and injuries, immunizations, management of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, ordering and interpretation of X-rays and lab tests, and provide counseling on disease prevention and health care. However, nurses are reporting that they are continuing to feel put down by doctors and that doctors are resentful of being undervalued regarding their competence and knowledge.

1. Flynn and Ricca (2000) report that nurses need to assess and communicate the patient's needs and therefore the NP and MD must respect each other as professionals and communicate information clearly, with quality rather than territorialism as a priority.

2. Davies (2000) states that although the debate continues as to whether MDs and NPS work together in a supervisory capacity, or whether they collaborate or simply cooperate, is becoming a non-issue since these two professions must work together rather than to work only along side of each other.

3. Alternatively, Edmunds (2000) reports that MDs systematically oppose NP growth toward independence. The increase...

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