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Analysis of Ads for Same Product

Two companies each selling cordless power drills in the same edition of a magazine can and should use different approaches when designing their print advertisement to effectively reach their target audiences. In each case, the design of the ad is in keeping with the message the advertiser is trying to deliver.

Makita sells power tools including cordless drills; so does the Milwaukee Tool Company. In the April/May 2004 edition of MRO Today Magazine, both companies advertised their cordless drills. Each company took an entirely different approach to its print advertising, as readers can see at first glance of the two advertisements attached. In the case of Makita, its print ad addressed the features of the product. Specifically, Makita described the performance, durability, power, and battery life of its product. In this ad, Makita offered three incentives to purchase its 18-volt cordless drill. Specifically, it offered purchasers the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes in which the grand prize to be awarded would be a Ford F-350 XLT 4x4 Crew Cab Truck. Another incentive to purchase the Makita drill was a $40 mail in rebate on the drill. The third incentive featured in Makita's print ad was the offer of a free "heavy duty" tool belt and bags.

Makita's ad featured a man in a white tee shirt using the Makita drill with what appears to be a one-inch in diameter or larger auger drill bit. He appears to be about to drill a hole into paneling. One gets the impression that he might be working at home or in an office. He does not appear to be at a construction site, and the imagery of the ad suggests that Makita may be a good choice for the homeowner but not the construction professional.

On the other hand, the ad features the Makita drill with a large diameter auger type drill bit. The implication of this image is that a Makita cordless drill has the power to handle the big jobs. The implication would be this: If Makita ...

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