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Exporting Ceramic Replicas

After identifying the SITC classifications for ceramic replicas, this report details the considerations that Hinkley Scenic Replicas Ltd. (HSR) must determine before exporting his product into another country.

The three countries under consideration are Malaysia, Canada and Spain. For reasons explained in the analysis, Malaysia was discounted from the consideration. A country audit of the two remaining countries was undertaken.

The relevant information from that audit is shown in a complex table that compares the statistics of the two countries side by side.

The next section of the paper seeks to explain, in greatly simplified fashion, some of the exigencies of exporting, including what kinds of relationships are available. This section details all of the strategy options available to HSR. Combining the strategic options and using the table as a referent, the decision is made to focus on Canada. The next section of the paper details the reasons why Canada is a good choice and also includes some of the internal analysis HSR should do, including making use of Porter's Five Forces analysis and a SWOT Analysis. The paper concludes with a four-phase strategy for implementation.

Hinkley Scenic Replicas Ltd. (HSR) has asked for an advisory position statement concerning the feasibility of exporting its ceramic replicas to one of three potential countries that have been identified by the owner, Bob. The countries are Malaysia, Spain and Canada. The Ceramic Replicas market consists of products, either handcrafted or mass-produced that fall under one or more of the following Standard Industrial Trade Classification categories:

Porcelain or China Household or Toilet Articles Other than Tableware

Porcelain or China Statuettes And Other Ornamental Articles

Ceramic statuettes And Other Ornaments, Except of Porcelain or

The thrust of this exercise is to determine an international strategy for HSR. This paper w...

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