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This research analyzes Harvard Business School Case No. 9585014, "British Airways." The case is analyzed within the context of six questions.

At Whom Is the Concept Campaign Targeted?

The concept campaign was aimed at the general public of all the countries in the world served by British Airways. The concept campaign did not target the public in any specific country served by British Airways at the exclusion of the general public in any other specific country served by British Airways. Similarly, the concept campaign did not target any specific segment of the consumer airline market. Rather, the concept campaign had a primary objective of creating and selling a corporate image of British Airways to all people so that when a person thought of air travel, British Airways would come to mind as the preferred airline, regardless of what specific utility might be sought by a consumer through air travel.

Does A Global Concept Campaign Make

The conduct of international business by multinational corporations proceeds according to well accepted concepts that have been developed over the past several decades. The changing environment of international business, however, is causing the conduct of international business to evolve from a multinational to a global perspective. Within the context of the evolving global perspective, both organizational and strategy changes are required for the adaptation of multinational corporation to the changing global environment. Comprehensive and incisive management is an integral function in the conduct of any international business. This managerial role becomes even more crucial, when a global perspective is assumed by a multinational corporation.

British Airways more so that most of the world's airlines must be a global company. The United Kingdom market alone cannot sustain an airline operation the size of that at British Airways. British Airways is heavily dependent upon the glob...

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