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Fight Club Introduction û The theme of the 1999

Introduction û The theme of the 1999 movie Fight Club is that in our mechanized, consumer-based society men have the need to test their masculinity.

Fight Club is centered on the character of Jack, played by Edward Norton who is also the narrator of the film. He is an unhappy, bored, alienated office worker whose dull job is like the rest of his life. Leading a drab life, he follows the rules of his contemporary, consumer-based society that seems to have no use for aggressive or free-spirited behavior. In following the rules of society, his masculinity is suppressed. His alienation has torn him apart, and he develops a dual personality that he is not aware of. His other self is bold and aggressive and breaks rules. The creation of another personality is the way he finds to express his masculinity.

JackÆs job in a major automobile company does not fulfill his needs. He does not quit, however, perhaps because he cannot think of any other job. His problems lead to insomnia, and the doctor he goes to for help tells him to stop being a crybaby. The doctor also sends him to a support group for testicular cancer survivors so that Jack can see what real problems are. Jack finds some emotional release in pretending to be part of this group, and he goes to different support groups each night of the week. He now can sleep but his life still has no real meaning. At this point in the movie, he is returning from a trip and finds that not only has the airline lost his luggage, but his apartment has exploded and all his belongings have been destroyed. He then meets an outgoing soap salesman Tyler, played by Brad Pitt and moves in with him so that Tyler can teach Jack about freedom and empowerment. Part of this teaching includes fist fights with each other which gives them physical and emotional release. Of course, the aud


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