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Stress as a Concern Stress is defined both in terms of

Stress is defined both in terms of its physical and psychological dimensions and involves an increasing sense of the loss of control over the environment, producing fear and uncertainty. Stress is a problem in the workplace and is often spoken of in terms of stress in the workplace because work related stress contributes to a variety of problems both for the individual experiencing stress and for the organization for which he or she works. The problems can range from reduced performance to open violence. Stress is experienced by both men and women. Men are seen as having greater stress than women because men have long experienced stress in the workplace, but as more and more women enter the workplace as well, they are also subject to the same levels of stress. Certain life experiences are stressful in varying degrees, and incoming college students experiences stress for a variety of reasons, including work load demands, culture shock, added responsibilities, living away from home for the first time, and so on.

Stress in itself can be a good thing when the level of stress is not too high and when the individual is able to control the stress and its effects. Mark Greener emphasizes that stress is a response to change in the environment and that any change can lead to stress, even if the change itself is enjoyable. Stress is not a new problem, though it is better recognized today as a concern for the business world and as a contributing factor in the development of a number of diseases. Today, people are working longer hours and feeling less secure about their jobs, both of which add to stress. Women face increased stress as they more and more try to juggle the demands of work and home (Reaney).

The problem for students has not been given as much attention as the issue of stress in the workplace, perhaps because of the cost to business. There is a cost to students and to the educational system when high levels of stress r...

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