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Southern New England & Native Americans

Southern New England was the home to a complex civilization when some of the first European settlers to the New World came to the area that is southern and eastern Massachusetts, the eastern part of New Hampshire, Rhode Island and most of Connecticut. Although there were regional differences throughout this area caused by differences in the environment as well as by the inevitable differentiation of people into subcultures, this region was unified by what can be viewed into a single cultural group. That culture -û along with the lives of individual American Indians -û would be in large measure destroyed during the 17th century as their culture came into conflict with that of the Europeans.

This paper takes as its focus the culture of the Native Americans of Southern New England and also why it was so terribly disrupted by European settlement. Another way of looking at this last issue is to say that this paper examines what made this region attractive to the Europeans who would superimpose their culture on the area. Finally, the paper examines how the final outcome of European settlement in this area was the result of the traditional native settlement patterns and the ways in which these interacted with the specific goals of the Europeans.

It should be noted before an examination of the particulars of the fate of the Indians of this region that the process by which Europeans came to take possession of land and other natural resources in America is generally seen as simply the application of force and superior weaponry to the lives and property of natives, in fact the process was more complex. While the outcome for the Indians was undeniably a terrible one, they were at least sometimes and in some aspects at least relatively willing partners in their own displacement. The fate of the Indians in Southern New England (as well as in at least some other areas of the United States) had both to do with the structure of Native American ...

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