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Adler's Sexual Theories Cooperation Between the Sexes (1978) is a

Cooperation Between the Sexes (1978) is a compilation, edited and translated by Heinz Ansbacher, of writings by Alfred Adler on sex, feminism, love, marriage, and what those entail in the realm of psychology. According to Ansbacher (1978), Alfred Adler's theory of sexuality "is best characterized as the opposite of the Freud's" (Ansbacher, 1978, p. v). Furthermore, Ansbacher believed that since Adler believed in the unity of the personality, "a presentation of his sexual theories will be practically an introduction to his theory of personality as a whole" (p. v).

To Adler, sex, social relations, and work were the three greatest problems in life that a person must face (Ansbacher, 1978, p. v). Accordingly, Ansbacher has set up this book to cover those dilemmas in four chapters that discuss the myth of women's inferiority, masculine protest and a critique of Freud, sexuality, and love and marriage.

Chapter One, titled ôThe Myth of WomenÆs Inferiority,ö discusses the division of labor and sexual dimorphism, the cultural situation at the time of the writing, effects of the myth on women and children, and a brief essay on the question of birth control and abortion. Adler asserts that division of labor is necessary for the preservation of human society, and that ôevery person must fill a specific place at some pointö (p. 3). If some one refuses to fulfill his or her obligation to society by participating in the division of labor then he or she can be seen to be anti-social. In extreme cases this can lead to a life of crime (p. 4). Historically the labor has been split up according to gender and ôthis division of labor is not quite unreasonable as long as labor resources are not thereby rendered idle and intellectual and physical resources are misusedö (p. 5).

Because the division of labor has split along gender lines, there has been a division of power that weighed in heavier on the side of the male. This has caus...

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