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The Learning Experience & Listening

This paper is a discussion of the importance of listening and using conversations as part of the learning experience. It uses Mary McCaslin and Thomas L. Good's text, Listening in Classrooms, as the primary reference and considers their principal thesis: that listening helps facilitate both the formal and the informal learning process and that the student-teacher relationship, built and enhanced through conversation and interchange, is the key to an effective classroom experience. The book attempts to provide specific techniques to build these relationships through listening, rather than simply suggesting that teachers hear what their students are saying. This exchange of communications, while apparently simple, is actually quite complex and requires a sophisticated degree of skill in order to be used well. Effective listening requires the teacher to become actively involved in the process, as a co-regulator and a coparticipant, consciously influencing both the curricular content and the social and psychological lessons being administered, while also learning and continuing to grow as well.

McCaslin and Good write, "Relationships, in our view, are the stuff of classrooms; relationships bond the aspirations with the realizations of schooling." While learning is certainly possible outside of the classroom setting, the one-to-one connection between teacher and student, as well as the interactions among students, is a critical aspect of learning within classroom walls. McCaslin and Good label the relationship between teacher and student "'co-regulation' to emphasize the supportive, scaffolding role that teachers engage with students, who are themselves actively mediating their experiences."

While much research has been devoted to investigating the impact of other relationships on classroom performance (especially studies of the importance of parental involvement in their children's ability to do well), Orna D. Goldwater ...

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