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Facist Leaders Hitler & Franco Adolph Hitler and General Francisco Franco were

Adolph Hitler and General Francisco Franco were very much alike, according to author Gabrielle Ashford Hodges, in that their ôaccess to unprecedented military, civil, and legal power enables them to impose the tyranny of play-ground politics upon entire nationsö (52). The relationship between Hitler and Franco appears to have been largely based on a mutual desire for political power, financial prosperity, and the acquisition of strategically placed lands. Often nations who are torn as to which side to support in times of war will side with the enemies of their enemies (Tyree A17). Hitler helped Franco and his right-wing forces defeat SpainÆs Popular Front army to win the Spanish civil war in April 1939, and Franco unofficially helped Nazi Germany during World War II (Bowen). Hitler had created in this Spanish leader one of his greatest admirers (Hodges 51).

Contradictory images are painted of General Franco who seemed to have a profoundly elusive and contradictory personality. He is described at times as very mediocre and at other times as startlingly skillful; sometimes as single-minded and determined and sometimes as ambivalent. He is praised for his powers of political manipulation and ruthlessness, and he is attacked for his hesitancy, caution and naivete. Despite his short, skinny build, squeaky voice, and feminine mannerisms, he ascended the military hierarchy like a rocket (Hodges 51). Hitler likely found this ability to play of variety of roles with significant plausibility appealing. Hitler had this same ability to ôact as if he were someone elseö to suit his objectives at different times during his reign of destruction (Hodges 51).

Hitler has been described as a ôman of obscure origins and dubious credentialsö who became the absolute ruler of a powerful nation (Bartov). Author Omer Bartov portrays him as a person whose genius was rooted in utter wickedness, whose greatness was accompanied by d...

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