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Crestor Treatment for High Cholesterol

The drug being researched is Crestor, which is used to treat high cholesterol. Crestor (rosuvastatin calcium) is a prescription medication belonging to the group of drugs known as statins, which lower cholesterol levels (About). For many people, diet and exercise alone are not enough tor educe cholesterol levels because most of the cholesterol in the blood is made in the body by the liver, and does not come from outside sources. Crestor works by lowering the amount of cholesterol made by the liver. It lowers LDL cholesterol, the so-called ôbadö cholesterol, by about half, and also lowers triglycerides. Crestor also increases the amount of HDL, or good cholesterol, in the blood. Crestor is prescribed for patients in whom diet and exercise have not lowered the cholesterol level sufficiently However, even those being treated with crestor are recommended to stay on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet and to exercise regularly as well.

The makers of crestor recommend theta you tell your doctor if you have any liver problems; drink alcohol regularly or excessively (because it can affect the way your liver functions); are pregnant or nursing; have ever had kidney problems; have a family history of high cholesterol; have had a heart attack or stroke; are of Chinese or Japanese ancestry; have other medical problems such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, or other conditions associated with cholesterol; are taking prescription medications, including cyclosporine, warfarin, other cholesterol lowering medication such as Lopid, Atromid 5, Tricor, and niacin; and are taking any over-the-counter medications including antacids (About). If you need surgery, the surgeon should be informed that you are using Crestor.

The information from the manufacturer also notes that you should inform your doctor if you experience muscle pain or weakness while taking Crestor because this may be a sign of serious side effects (About). It also warns that...

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