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Teaching Sex Education in Schools

There is an ongoing debate about what to teach in sex education in schools, and whether to promote abstinence or to distribute condoms. Part of the debate centers around who should be responsible for such decisions - the parents or the teachers. Opinions vary greatly from state to state and from school to school within states. This lack of consensus of opinion makes it harder on students because they do not know whose advice to follow when they hear conflicting sides of the story.

The one thing both groups agree on is that teens need protection from pregnancy and venereal diseases which result from unprotected sex. With the enormous numbers of teen pregnancies, and the spread of HIV/AIDS, this is an enormous problem everywhere, and educational institutions as well as parents need to get together on this and make sure that teens are fully informed and fully protected from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Both these problems can be readily avoided with a little common sense and some good education.

Side A: Students are entitled to comprehensive, medically accurate sexuality education, which is becoming the exception rather than the rule in abstinence-only programs (Planned). Abstinence-only programs also do not give adequate information on HIV/AIDS. Since 1996, $1 billion in federal and state matching funds has gone into abstinence-only programs. Because of a requirement that states match federal funds for abstinence-only programs, state money that previously funded comprehensive, medically accurate sexuality education programs, which included abstinence education, has been diverted to abstinence-only programs. Most American parents support the more medically accurate programs for their children, and 75 percent of them want them to receive a variety of information on subjects such as contraception and condom use, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual orientation and safe sex practices, communic...

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