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Man's Relationship with God

Whenever one has a problem in one's life one has many different ways of producing a solution. Ideally, one would have access to all of the information relevant to both the problem and the solutions available. However, such information would need to include not only the present feasibility but future ramifications both on oneself and on others. Instead, the only information one will ever have actual access to is past successes of various solutions. Though one can search for solutions formerly successful, each one would need to be considered in its context, which is that it was successful in the past. This makes a very different context than the problem here in the present.

Since God's Spirit transcends time (He being the One Who created time), God alone knows the new context of this present and its effects on the future. The difficulty for any person is accepting that. God's omniscience means He has full knowledge of one's self also, which is scary or comforting, depending on one's relationship to Him. As with any relationship, His words must be followed purely on faith in the one giving the answers. God does not normally explain all the details to a command. If one wishes to fail, one can try to solve one's problems alone, but faith in the Omniscient One alone will result in success. Acting on faith in God also produces maturity and discernment, as one experiences firsthand the reasons for the solution God chose.

With such a relationship with such a God, trials encountered are little different from what we call the good things that we encounter. For the Christian looking to God for all things, all things that happen are good (Romans 8, especially v. 28). Since God's will for the believer is "In everything give thanks" (1 Thess. 5:18) The believer is essentially commanded to praise God for the trials of purification as much as for the times of rest and refreshing.

Thus, the commandment to "walk in the Spirit" (Gal. 5:25)...

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