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Assessment of Jewelry Making Business

The purpose of the assessment was to determine if the client was capable of expanding his jewelry making business.

Length of Assessment: The assessment was made over a five-day comprehensive vocational evaluation, which the client attended reluctantly.

Family Background: The client is the middle child of a family of seven children (five boys and two girls). One brother died in combat; one sister died in an automobile accident. The remaining brothers are employed and married; the remaining sister is married and a stay at home mother. His parents are still living, the father retired and the mother never worked. The client was married for 4 years, from age 20 to 24, but was separated from his wife the last year of the marriage and reconciliation attempts failed. The client is now divorced.

Education: Client completed 12th grade and a 2-year apprenticeship as a logger.

Social: He lives alone in a trailer in a rural area without electricity. Uses gas-powered generator for light and propane for heat. Hunts, fishes and grows vegetables. Does not wish to relocate for training or employment. Commutes only as necessary to town 10 miles away. He has $35,000 in a savings account from an inheritance, and gets a medical retirement payment from the union of $300 a month. Does not have a checking account and refuses to use financial institutions. Income from jewelry is $300 to $500 a month. Does not wish to take apprenticeship in town to improve his skills and therefore his income.

Current Occupation: The client is self-taught in jewelry making, and sells on consignment to jewelry stores in town for the tourist trade. The stores are satisfied with his merchandise, which usually sells out.

Previous Work History: Client worked as a logger for 18 years. Disability: Client sustained a work-related permanent neurological injury to the right shoulder, an L-5 injury to the lumbar region of the back, and a crushed right ...

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