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AIDS & Economic Collapse in Uganda Introducti

This research examines to potential for AIDS (acquired immunity deficiency syndrome) to adversely affect the domestic economy in Uganda. The thesis of this study is that the growing AIDS pandemic in Uganda will result in the eventual collapse of the nation's economy. It is hypothesized that the debilitating effects of AIDS on economic activity in Uganda will occur because of the sociocultural propensity among the nation's population for behavior that both spreads the disease and complicates efforts to prevent the spread of the disease, and because of the specific population patterns relative to the spread of AIDS in Uganda.

A. A. Mazuri described a tripartite African heritage. The continent has an indigenous heritage, a Semitic heritage, and a western heritage. Mazuri does not necessarily regard the Semitic heritage as external in character because he contends that defining the Middle East home of the Semites as a part of Asia, as opposed to including it as a part of Africa, was an arbitrary European action, which was based upon European imperatives and perspectives, without regard for African considerations. Thus, according to Mazuri, although both Judaism and Islam have influenced the development of African civilization, their influences have been neither as alien nor as destructive to indigenous social, political, and economic structures as have western influences. Western actions in Africa have been both pervasive and destructive in Africa. Although the effects on African civilization of western actions have tended to vary according to the unique circumstances of each African country, the general nature of the effects have been similar in all countries across the continent.

Uganda's chaotic political experience since independence from Britain in 1962 has reduced what could become an African economic success into a charity case for the world community of nations even if there were no specter of AIDS. With 93,354 squar...

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