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Recruiting Nursing Instructors

Literature is reviewed i to support a thesis investigating the recruiting of nursing instructors. Literature relevant to each of the four variables investigatedavailability of prepared registered nurses, recruitment strategies, motivation, and work satisfactionis reviewed.

Schools of nursing draw instructors from the pool of registered nurses. The pool of registered nurses in the United States, however, is deteriorating in the contexts of both quantity and quality, as quality is a function of educational diversity (Neighbors and Eldred, 1993, pp. 9699.

As the profession of nursing becomes increasingly complex, nurses assume greater responsibilities in the areas of clinical practice, education, and the advance of nursing science (Oermann, 1994, pp. 153159). A changing face of the broader society drives change in nursing (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, 1991, pp. 15). In turn, the changes in both society and the nursing profession demand innovation in nursing education. In the future, administrators of nursing education programs will be required to be more creative in the areas of staff development and motivation, as more complex tasks become a part of increasing workloads in the face of a shortage of professional nursing educators (Barhyte and Redman, 1993, pp. 179183).

The nursing education administrator of the future must be prepared to deal with such problems as improved work design, staff development, and exercising professional autonomy while, at the same time, assuming greater responsibilities for the conduct of research to advance the profession (Carmon, Hauber, and Chase, 1992, pp. 364368). Staff development for nursing education institutions in the future, however, cannot deal only with competency in practice and skill in research, but must also address the development of a nursing culture that will permit the professional nurse to remain effective in an increasingly ...

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