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Classroom Multicultural Perspective


This paper reviews some recent literature covering the concepts of Whole Language and Multicultural Education and their applications to fourth grade classroom teaching and learning. My Research Proposal stated that

I believe the ability to read and the love of reading is one of the most important academic goals in education. Besides expanding one's vocabulary and improving writing and spelling skills, it opens doors to unlimited knowledge and offers escapes to fantastic places no other medium can provide. Reading is also a skill that can promote self-esteem, enabling one to become a more informed, interesting person.

I strongly believe it's important to extend the whole language approach into the upper elementary grades.

Integrating the multiethnic approach into the whole language curriculum offers yet another possibility of making the classroom more student oriented.

Whole language is about empowerment.

An appreciation of diversity, a clarification of beliefs and value systems are other positive outcomes.

Critical thinking skills come into play... in such areas as cross-cultural comparisons.

Research of student social patterns have consistently found that they segregate themselves based on race.

Last but not least, I plan on involving the parents of my children.

This Literature Review project aims at examining these propositions and at discovering other propositions which may validate or invalidate my beliefs and plans in these areas.

One difficulty in communicating about Whole Language is that there are many definitions of it. Is it a pedagogical methodology? Is it a philosophy? Here is what various authors have to say.

C. Weaver (1990), in Understanding Whole Language:

As the 1980s faded into the 1990s, there was a new excitement among educators about whole language le...

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