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The EEC & the EC INTRODUCTION The European Economic Commu

The European Economic Community (EEC) has emerged as one of the three world economic powers, along with the United States (US) and Japan. Further economic integration, together with a significant level of political integration, is scheduled for the EEC on 1 January 1992. Non member states of the EEC are apprehensive over the implications of both the further economic and the more limited political integration of the EEC. One area of significant concern is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), whose membership, while not identical with that of the EEC, closely parallels that of the EEC.

The agreement in the late1980s for further integration in the EEC raised concerns over the future of NATO. The advent of perestroika in the Soviet Union further fueled the fires of concern, and the wholesale political changes which occurred in the Eastern European countries of the Warsaw Pact in late1989 raised the concerns over the future of NATO to the boiling point.

The EEC was formed under the protective umbrella of NATO in the 1950s.1 It is somewhat ironic, thus, that the success

1L. S. Kaplan, NATO and the United States: The Enduring Alliance (Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1988), 73.

of the EEC leads to questions concerning the future of NATO. The world, however, is changing, and the imperatives which led to the formation of NATO are viewed differently in the early1990s than they were in the late1940s, when NATO was formed.2 Further, the interests of the NATO partners no longer coincide to the same extent in the early1990s as was true in the 1940s and 1950s.3

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is designed to protect the western democracies from Soviet aggression.4 The member countries in NATO are supposedly equal partners. In fact, however, the US has always acted as the dominant partner.5 In the past, the American approach to NATO has been the source of ill feelings among the other NATO members.6 In the 1...

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