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Integrative Medicine

Today, people are often questioning the methods of traditional medicine, but are not quite ready to abandon them in favor of alternative or complementary treatments. Some doctors and hospitals are delving into the benefits of alternative and complementary medicine, combining some of the techniques used with traditional therapies. They are creating a field called integrative medicine or CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) (Integrative, 2004; Ward, 2003). Integrative medicine combines the best of traditional medicine with alternative medicine to maximize benefit for the patient (Integrative, 2004). The Integrative Medicine Institute evaluates, researches, and develops innovative integrated medical programs, implementing a research/evaluative database of all clients as they enter, through, and after they leave the program. This allows them to track the outcomes from different treatments. Their principle of healing is based on balance and wholeness. They believe that disease is a disturbance of the flow of life force through the body, and that the symptoms of illness are the body's attempts to restore balance. They combine conventional, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Naturopathic therapies, using the latest that medical technology has to offer.

Integrative medicine is "a healing oriented medicine drawing upon all therapeutic systems to form a comprehensive approach to the science of medicine" (Global, 2001). It is a holistic philosophy which views disease as influenced by stress and imbalances, and it emphasizes the body's tendency towards self-healing. It draws on homeopathy, Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, yoga, and Ayurvedic approaches which are all oriented towards curative care. All these therapies have proven successful in Eastern countries.

The Global Academy Institute for Integrative Medicine has focused on research, and on the development of the Integrative Nursing Institute, which is a training and co...

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