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Affect on Avionics of Aircraft Electrical Malfunction Background T

The purpose of this paper is to examine aircraft electrical malfunction and its affect on avionics. In 1989, as part of a contract awarded by the Air Force, Failure Analysis Associates conducted a survey on aircraft electrical component failures. The survey concluded that the major contributors to aircraft electrical equipment failure were problems with connectors and interconnections. This paper will show how recent technological advances should reduce the occurrence of such problems in modern aircraft.

Modern aircraft employ a variety of electronic innovations. Many of these components greatly improve airplane electrical system function. This paper will describe current avionics systems. Such avionics may be less vulnerable to the electrical malfunction. In addition, various other innovations in aircraft electrical system design will also be discussed. Such systems may improve safety through the provision of electronic monitoring and fault detection capabilities. Finally, the paper will look at Air Force programs that promise to further advance aircraft electrical system performance.

Perhaps the most innovative aircraft in recent times, the Boeing 777 is a large twin-engine jet transport aircraft designed for regional and longer range operations. It's electrical system represents a "response to market demands for superior performance and reliability (Andrade & Tenning 4-11)." The system was designed to protect against both electrical faults and equipment failure. Its creation was an evolutionary process that began with the Boeing 767 (Tenning 2.455).

The Boeing 777's electrical system employs dual (redundant) ARINC 629 communication buses. These advanced components are used for communication between control units and with other aircraft systems. Through ARINC 629 communication, these systems may be monitored and protected. Most importantly though, compared with previous buses, the ARINC 629 has fewer d...

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