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Analysis of Scenes from Hamlet

Act I, scene ii. This is a court scene, where the king, Claudius, Hamlet's uncle, is conducting business (Shakespeare; Summary, 2004). Everyone is happy except Hamlet. He is still in mourning for his father, only two months dead. His mother, Gertrude, has already married her brother-in-law, now king, Claudius, which has further upset Hamlet. Claudius has just given Laertes permission to return to school in France, but has persuaded Hamlet to stay in Denmark and not to return to school, a request echoed by Hamlet's mother. This leads to Hamlet speaking a soliloquy, expressing his anger at the present circumstances of his life and talks of his depression at the events that have happened in the past couple of months, especially of his mother marrying his uncle so soon after his father's death (SparkNotes When Horatio, Marcellus, and Bernardo tell him of seeing the ghost of his dead father, Hamlet agrees to join them that night to see the ghost for himself (Shakespeare 3; Summary

Act V scene ii. A court scene (Shakespeare 48; Summary Hamlet is fighting a duel with Laertes because he killed Laertes' father, Polonius. Claudius has had Laertes sword tipped with poison, and also keeps offering Hamlet poisoned wine to drink, but Hamlet refuses. The winner is to be the duelist who scores three hits first. Claudius offers Hamlet the poisoned wine after the first two hits he scores on Laertes, but he refuses to drink. Gertrude grabs the poisoned wine and drinks it. Laertes scores a hit on Hamlet, but the swords are then switched, and Hamlet wounds Laertes with the poisoned sword. The queen then falls, and informs everyone she was poisoned by Claudius' wine. She dies, and before Laertes dies, he tells Hamlet the sword was poisoned, too. Before Hamlet dies, he gives approval fo...

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