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"Alicia Says: 'Treat Each Frog Like A Prince!'" PETA's Animal Times Fall 1996: 2-3.

This article from the journal of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals deals with a seemingly small aspect of the animal rights movement--the dissection of animals in classrooms. The issue, however, is important in and of itself, for millions of frogs, rabbits, pigs and other animals are unnecessaruily killed and dissected in such exercies. The article details some of the atrocities committed in the name of education. In addition, the article focuses on the need to involve young people in the animal rights movement before they have become hardened to animal abuse by a society whose economy is dependent on the continuation of such abuse.

Baird, Robert M., and Stuart E. Rosenbaum, eds. Animal Experimentation: The Moral Issues. Buffalo, NY: Prometheus, 1991.

Baird and Ronsebaum present 16 essays which focus on the morality, or immorality, of research on animals for purposes of advancing knowledge about human disease. The book covers the utilitarian and rights perspectives, theological considerations, cultural biases, speciesism, and animal pain. Although the book does present pros and cons on these issues, the work seems somewhat slanted due to the editors' candidly pro-rights stand. They seek not to abolish all uses of animals in science but to minimize experimentation, pain and suffering, and to always have animals treated as feeling, sentient creatures.

Bender, David, and Bruno Leone, eds. Animal Rights. San Diego: Greenhaven, 1996.

Bender and Leone present 28 spirited and, for the most part, well-reasoned essays arguing for and against animal rights, animal experimentation, use of animals for food, hunting and preservation, and animal rights movement issues such as animal welfarism and compromise vs. radicalism. The essays challenge the reader with the contrasting views of prominent spokespersons and profess


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