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Women & Careers "Abby Joseph Cohen: A Caredr Retrospec

"Abby Joseph Cohen: A Caredr Retrospective" summarizes this woman's career, starting from her school days, when she flouted convention and became an outstanding science student, to the phases of her career as an economic analyst and market forecaster. One of the first women in the field, she encountered discrimination but pursued and achieved equal treatment. Cohen is a strong-minded person who is not afraid to hold to her opinion when others differ with her. She complains that her analyses cover 12- to 18-month ranges but that many people assume that if they do not come true within a few days, they must be wrong. Although she rarely changes course due to other people's opinions, she stopped forecasting the NASDAQ index because of this (Nanda and Leib 10).

"Career Strategies and Tactics in Professional Service Firms" is full of wisdom for ensuring a great start and a solid career in professional services. Starting at the first six months with advice such as avoiding the "know-it-all" approach and demonstrating personal standards of excellence and a knowledge of the organization, the article proceeds to suggestions for turning around a sub-star rating, like getting as much information as possible. General career strategies include things like finding a mentor and understanding the boss's needs and concerns, as well as understanding the corporate culture. Details on managing relationships and perception proceed into insights on influencing others. Finally, suggestions for balancing life and work are provided (Delong and Nanda 13).

"AdNet (A)" describes Monique LeMieux's career progression from her education at Harvard Business School to her meeting with Christophe Chabot several years later with a proposal to join the AdNet project. AdNet was a service that would be available to users of Internet-enabled PDAs that would provide free, geography-specific web access. Chabot spelled out AdNet's capabilities, but LeMieux had ...

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