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Analyzing Business Processes

The initial phase of business process analysis should involve information gathering. This is done by interviewing the employees involved in the organizational workflow in an effort to determine where each individual fits into the organizational engine. Also, the collection of any data, documentation, and forms used in connection with the process. The primary goal at the end of this phase is for all of the relevant information at hand to be readily available for analysis.

Next comes the information analysis phase. After the completion of the initial interviews and information gathering phase, it's important to document the results, compare notes, and diagram the overall flow of business within the organizational process. This phase often produces even further refined details and more documents and forms that may have been left uncovered in the initial interviewing phase. At the completion of this phase, it may be necessary to revise documentation, diagrams, and models of the business process in order to provide a clear picture of business works in order to move forward with the best possible chance for success.

Then, by analyzing the overall business process, many different scenarios for improvement will present themselves. It is necessary to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the various solutions proposed. By comparing the benefits and downfalls of implemented changes, and keeping in mind the goals that are laid out for the organization as a whole, it is possible to determine the best route to the realization of these goals.


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