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Analytic Attitude and Transference/Counter-transference

Analytic Attitude and Transference/Counter-transference

Schafer presents insights that reference action language in the clinical situation and provides examples of the analytic attitude. The analytic attitude allows for a space to be created in which something can emerge from the patient or analyst. The analytic attitude allows for analytic interpretation to take place in a non-judgmental, free-floating, non-directive, and non-manipulative way. Unconscious material emerges as the unconscious relationship becomes the object of communication and analysis. Analytic attitude describes technique that allows for the unconscious process to be reached and action language facilitates this process.

Thus the analytic attitude, created by Freud, provides for a psychoanalytic method if investigation. Schafer attempts to define the ideal attitude that can provide empathy, an atmosphere of safety, and allows for insight and change. The use of transference and counter-transference is interpreted. Conflict can be understood as part of the unconscious transference and counter-transference processes. The transference and counter-transference are also a link to the outside world. This paper presents the issues of transference and counter-transference in the clinical setting with an example of a clinical interaction that illustrates the points made. This is followed by conclusions.

Interpretation of transference and counter-transference provides an understanding of the unconscious motivation of the client but this understanding is reliant on the manner in which the analyst interprets the material. According to Schafer the analyst must act to help the patient view himself or herself as an action participant rather than a passive party. Conflict exists when one person has two aims that appear to contradict each other. Traditional analysts may inadequately represent this action element. This philosophy of action can be further unders...

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