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Asthma Patients

A literature review was performed to look at how nurse practitioners compared with physicians in referring asthma patients to the right specialists. The review was performed because nurse practitioners are playing an increasing role in primary medical care, but are still meeting some opposition from physicians who consider them less qualified and fear they are draining funds away from their practices. The question that arose was whether nurse practitioners would recognize the need for referral to a specialist as readily as would a physician.

The search engines used were ProQuest and Infotrac. It was almost impossible to find any articles which dealt with the specific topic, but there were numerous articles comparing nurse practitioners with physicians in terms of their ability to deal with emergency situations, primary care, to order tests, issue prescriptions, and in referring patients to specialists. The reason for this is most likely that the field of nurse practitioner is a relatively new and emerging field, and statistics of the type which would be needed to assess the problem stated as the research topic are most likely not available at the present time, and may never be. The research topic is a very narrow one, and not one that would attract a lot of attention by researchers unless it came to light that asthma patients were suffering unnecessarily because they were not being referred to specialists by nurse practitioners when they would have been if they had been seen by a physician.

It was therefore decided to expand the topic to cover the expanding role of nurse practitioners, compare their performance with that of physicians in the areas where they practice, and how people respond to them as a care giver as opposed to a doctor. A variety of citations were selected which cover a range of issues dealing with the topic in order to give a broad picture of the status of nurse practitioners and their role in pri...

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