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A Career in Finance

Introduction: I am currently working on my AA degree. Once I have received my AA degree, I plan to transfer immediately to a four year college to earn a bachelor's degree in finance. I have already done research on finance as a major to make certain that I have the taken both the required and the recommended classes as a part of my AA degree program.

I learned that the School of Business at the college I want to attend is currently impacted. The term 'impacted' basically means that School of Business has more students than they have classrooms and teachers. As a result, priority is given to students who are seniors and need to complete certain classes to graduate. According to the college counseling office, this makes it difficult to get classes in my major. If the problem worsens before I am admitted to that college, I might have start taking classes as a student with an undeclared major and then apply for admission to the business school at the end of the first semester. The counselor told me that the good news is that the Business School is working as quickly as it can to increase the number of classes it offers. The counselor said that hopefully by the time I am ready to attend the program will no longer be impacted.

One of the reasons I chose finance as a major is that I have an affinity for mathematics. I think this will help me to understand the concepts of business finance, in the same way this ability helped me to excel in the accounting classes I have already taken. Another reason I selected finance as a major is that I have always wanted to be in management. I am convinced that a degree in business administration with a concentration in finance will make me a good candidate for a management position after graduation.

Another reason I selected finance as a major is that no matter what the industry and no matter how large or small the company, every business needs financial analysis, financial forecastin...

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