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What is "the new international division of labor"? Essentially, this refers to a division of labor on a planet-wide scale, in which the traditional industrial manufacturing work previously associated with the Industrial Revolution is moved to the developing world, where the environmental degradation so closely associated with such activity can occur with less public outcry; more importantly, this production is performed by local labor which does not have the protections that the working class of the industrialized nations of the West were able to obtain for themselves during the period of industrialization of those countries. Cheap labor, working for "local companies" that are actually merely operating divisions of multinational corporations, allow that corporation to export the product of the cheap labor back to the home country, where it is sold to the consumers at lower prices (or at the same prices with greater profit).

At the same time, the economies of the previously industrialized nations is supposed to move into the management of information and the productions of "services," ranging from "services such as financial management to the maids working in the hotels the international tourists stay in.

This system has been called "globalism," referring to an economic system on a planetary scale that seeks to allow an unfettered capitalism to operate in the way that it did on a national scale in economies such as that of Great Britain and the United States during the Industrial Revolution.

"Globalism" has become an emblem of dramatic changes in the

international economy. The international economy has changed, there is no doubt. But a borderless world in which money, companies, product and technology move freely is for tomorrow, and indeed it is not evident when that tomorrow will be. The suddenly pervasive intrusion of the notion of "globalism" reflects ...

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