Rock Garden Essay

I had never been to a Rock Garden before so when a friend invited me to go see the Big Rock Garden I was curious to see what it would be like. It could have been either a rock music store downtown or a quarry on the outskirts of town and still fit the description in my head. I was curious to see what type of place this Big Rock Garden was, however when we arrived, neither description was close to the reality.

My friend drove us to a typical middleclass neighborhood with winding roads, cul-de-sacs, and ranch-style homes. I thought my friend was lost, but he shook his head and told me to be patient. Finally, at the crest of a hill we rounded a corner and came upon an ordinary looking house that fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. This house had a larger parking area than the rest of the surrounding houses and the adjacent property was attached to this house by a redwood plank fence around the lot. As my friend parked the car I noticed other cars and people walking through the gate without knocking on the front door of the house first. This seemed odd to me as it was an unconventional place to have a business and unusual to allow strangers on one's private property. But I was told that it was okay, just wait and see.

We walked through the gate and propping it open was a sign on a post that stated that although the Big Rock Garden was free to the public, donations were appreciated to help with the upkeep. My friend and I dug out a couple of dollar bills to d



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