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Philosophy of Christian Leadership The philosoph

The philosophy of Christian leadership, like Christian philosophy in general, is a paradigm that exists in opposition to what one might call the ôworldlyö mind. To the mind unwilling to accept the supernatural, leadership is frequently confused with power, and the human desire for power is commonly manifested in attempts to exert authority over others. In stark contrast is the Christian vision of leadership, which is manifested in humility and service.

Anyone capable of generating enthusiasm in others for the sake of an ideal or a cause is a leader. However, leadership comes in many guises, and can be as diverse as Cesar Chavez and Mussolini. The history of philosophy provides numerous theories regarding leadership, organization, and motivation, some which appeal to base instincts and fear, and some which appeal to nobility and humanity. Strictly pragmatic leadership manuals like MachiavelliÆs The Prince, or Sun-TzuÆs The Art of War, are typical examples of philosophies that are more concerned with the exertion of power rather than leadership. Using the simple lust for control as a guideline, the good leader might be defined as one who maintains control over a populace, wages war effectively, instills fear in oneÆs subjects, and holds on to power with tenacity. Other works on leadership, like PlatoÆs Republic, assert that leadership comes through a pursuit of wisdom. The goal of a good citizen ought to be the acquisition of wisdom through the use of reason. The leader of PlatoÆs democratic state, then, should be a citizen of uncommon sagacity: a philosopher-king.

What distinguishes the philosophy of Christian leadership from all other philosophies is its total opposition to what common understanding would consider leadership. Any formulation of Christian leadership philosophy must have as its foundation the example of Christ and the traditions of the church. If one takes as an example the exertion of forceful, Napoleon...

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