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Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

In 1997, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was passed, meaning that teachers of students with disabilities are now expected to have additional skills to deal with the new technology that is available to help these students (Lahm and Nickels, 1999, 57). Teachers are now responsible for being aware of, and using, new assistive technologies for every student in an individualized education program. Teachers are now required to have additional competency in these new technologies to aid the students. Teachers need to be aware of, and now how to apply, and when to apply, assistive technologies, which includes any type of equipment or product system, either as it comes, or modified, or customized for a particular student, that is used to maintain, increase, or improve the functional capabilities of a child with disabilities (57).

Teachers needs to be capable of evaluating the child, evaluating the technology, selecting the technology to be used, making the equipment, adjusting equipment to customize it, fitting, adapting, and applying the equipment, training the child to use the equipment, coordinating with other assisted devices or therapies the child is undergoing, and being able to train others in the use of the equipment (Lahm and Nickels, 1999, 57). There are eight categories of skills and competencies required of teachers of disabled children: philosophical, historical, and legal foundations of special education; characteristics of learners; instructional content and practice; planning and managing the teaching and learning environment; managing student behavior and social interaction skills; communication and collaborative partnerships; professionalism and ethical practices; and assessment, diagnosis and evaluation (57-59). Within each of these eight categories, the knowledge and skills required of teachers is spelled out in detail.

The teachers strengths and weaknesses will have a tremendous impact on the...

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