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The MIS Department: Scenario and Solution

In this scenario provided, we work for a company that has somehow missed out on the technological revolution that swept the nation for the last two decades or longer. We work in an office of a company in which each office worker does not have their own personal computer. Employees must share PCs leading to productivity loses. The company has also decided it is unnecessary for employees to have their own printers, or in the alternative to have the printers networked so that more than one person can use the same printer. To accomplish this would require little more than a rudimentary local area network; one that would be capable of routing requests to networked printers. Another alternavie would be to create local area network.

Currently, not every PC in the office is connected to a printer. If someone wants a document printed out from their stand alone system, they must first copy the document to a diskette or a zip file and then take that storage device into a PC that is connected to a printer and print out the document.

Based on this description, it is apparent that the Boston officeƆs PCs do not have Internet access. If they did, the employees would simply e-mail the documents they needed to have printed to one of the PCs attached to a printer, retrieve the email message, open the email attachment, and print it. The need to transfer the data to a storage device indicates there is no connectivity in the office.

One of the complaints is that files are sometimes corrupted or damaged at the Boston office. This is because the storage device media is unstable. This may be the result of computer viruses spreading on shared media. In fact, one of the most common ways to catch a computer virus involves sharing disks or zip files between PCs. An article in Fortune (2001) reminds readers that viruses can infect any unprotected computer; Trojan horse applications can steal personal data, and hackers can invade a computer a...

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