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"U.S. Treasury Chief Warns of Cyber Threats": Article Review

Wolf, Jim. "U.S. Treasury Chief Warns of Cyber Threats." Reuters (18 April 2000).

The source for this article was Eclectic Library, and the article is from Reuters News Service. People think of the Treasury Department largely in terms of their role in monetary policy and in producing and distributing money, and this article suggests that the department interests itself in many aspects of commerce and business. The article also shows how the government is having more and more to address a wide variety of issues involving computers and cyberspace.

Ferguson, Ellyn. "GOP Lawmakers Criticize Shifting Authority on Census Sampling." Gannett News Service (23 June 2000).

This article is from Gannett News Service and was downloaded from Electric Library. One of the functions of the federal government is to conduct a census every ten years, and this requirement is in the U.S. Constitution. However, the method is not set in the Constitution, and currently there is an argument about how to accomplish the task of counting every American and how to avoid missing those who are difficult to find and count. This article is about concerns over who has the authority over the process and shows the kinds of concerns that are raised about programs that must be undertaken and that may have long-term consequences in terms of voting and representation.

Stevenson, Richard W. "Fed Unlikely to Raise Rates Now, Analysts Say." New York Times (27 June 2000).

This article was downloaded from the website for the New York Times. The Fed influences the money supply based on what it decides interest rates will be, and it makes this decision based on its reading of a number of economic indicators. It is believed that keeping the economy from growing too fast is a way of avoiding inflation, though this has been argued on both sides. This article shows how much influence the Fed has and how careful it has been about deciding what to do and w...

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