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SUV or Minivan as a Better Buy

The recent destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina may seem to have no connection to the question of whether an SUV or a minivan is a better buy. But in fact the storm is just natureÆs way of making a brutally catastrophic point: the human race, and especially Americans, can no longer continue to fill the atmosphere of the planet Earth with the carbon dioxide and other pollutants from burning fossils fuels such as oil that cause global warming. Because climate scientists have determined beyond a shadow of doubt that tropical storms and hurricanes are gaining in intensity,

and there is only one cause: the increasing heating of the waters in the worldÆs oceans.

Since this is humanityÆs greatest challenge, the only option for a thinking, responsible person is to eschew the gas-guzzling SUV for the more fuel-efficient (and lighter) minivan.

There are no logical advantages to driving an SUV. Yes, they can drive on rough terrain, but so can the much smaller Scout, or Jeep, all-terrain vehicle, or a dirt bike. How many SUV buyers really need and use that capacity? 1%? True, they have more interior space, but a standard van will give you just as much. And an article in Forbes Magazine pointed out that some minivans actually have more storage space than some SUVs ( SUVs have a much greater tendency to roll over than other cars because of their height. They pollute at a much higher rate than smaller vehicles, both because of their weight and their large, fuel-inefficient

8-cylender engines. They are hard to park in standard spaces, with some parking lots charging extra for them. Sure, an SUV can pull a trailer or boat more easily than a minivan, but the latter are no more helpless than the average sedan in this respect. They use up more raw materials in their manufacture than non-SUVs, and make us that much more dependent on fossil fuels from abroad. In a sense the illegal, immoral war in Iraq has been ...

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