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America & Europe: Sexuality

Conservatives might be disappointed to learn that a comparison of the United States and Northern Europe, Japan and Canada highlights a number of weaknesses and shortcomings in democracy as it is implemented in the United States. As Wolff, Rutten, and Bayers argue in Where We Stand:

The comparison is especially revealing because all these nations are more liberal and democratic than we are. Their voter turn-outs are 50 percent higher; their corporate lobbying systems are much less developed; their taxes are higher, their safety nets larger, their societies more equal, their labor unions stronger (1).

Equally disappointing and revealing is that these nations beat us time and again on statistic after statistic, from student performance to the rate of sexual assault.

In comparing America and Europe with respect to sexual assault and attitudes toward sexuality, we see that more liberal and progressive views on sexuality across Europe help to undermine problems such as sexual assault, teen pregnancies, and the spread of AIDS. This analysis will provide statistics on sexual assault in Europe and the U.S. A discussion will then explore the higher rate of sexual assault in the U.S. as a product of the difference in attitude regarding sexuality in each nation and culture.

According to the World Rank Research Team, the number of sexual assaults in Europe is significantly lower than the number committed annually in the United States. According to data collected by the WRRT, the following statistics pertain to sexual assault in each country:

Not only are sexual assaults much higher in the United States than in Europe, but other statistics that relate to differences in attitudes pertaining to sexuality also favor Europe. For instance, percentage-wise, there are more children born out of wedlock, more sexually active teens in the population, fewer teens that havd not had intercnurse by age 20, and less sexually active teens ...

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