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Regime Rule in 20th Century Bangladesh

The history of regime rule during the 20th century in what is now Bangladesh represents one of colonialism, conflict and change. Formerly a part of Bengal, Bangladesh was part of British-ruled India at the outset of the twentieth century. Religion played an important rule in regime changes. BengalÆs history includes Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim influence that continues to influence politics and create conflict in the region. Bangladesh was ruled as part of Bengal by British India until 1947 (Bangladesh, 2003, 1). However, in 1905 Bengal was divided in two. British governor general, Lord George Curzon, divided Bengal into east and west partitions. Bangladesh represents what was then Eastern Bengal. Muslims enjoyed a good deal of influence in East Bengal and like Hindu leaders pressed ôfor a greater degree of independenceö (Virtual, 2003, 1).

The Hindu Indian National Congress and the Muslim League were significant groups with respect to social and political influence. The Muslim League was instrumental in helping form the concept of two nations that arose during the 1930s and 1940s. Sir Muhammad Iqbal pressed for a confederated state of India representing a Muslim state. Iqbal furthered Muslim League goals by calling for a Muslim nation ôbased on unity of language, race, history, religion, and identity of economic interestsö (Study, 1988, 4). The Muslim League did not view India as one country and called for partition. They devised a name for a Muslim state, Pakistan. The Pakistan period would begin in 1947, when Britain withdrew from India. Pakistan consisted of two primarily Islamic regions of India, now West Pakistan and East Pakistan (modern day Bangladesh).

Because of religious, economic and political differences, tension between East and West Pakistan was the norm. East PakistanÆs Awami League wanted independence from West Pakistan. Further, West Pakistan held the ôlionÆs share of the political and eco...

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