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A Clockwork Orange

There are a number of explanations for AlexÆs ôbadnessö that can be offered after a reading of Anthony BurgessÆ A Clockwork Orange. One explanation could be that his dysfunctional family motivates him to express his frustration through violence and gang membership. Another explanation might be that Alex lives in a violent society and his expression of violence is a reflection of that society. Despite these or other theories for AlexÆs ôbadness,ö one offers itself that goes further in explaining AlexÆs behavior. Alex lives in a society whose institutions limit free speech, repress individual expression and deaden the mind. Therefore, AlexÆs ôbadnessö is a product of the state, one whose repressive measures are so savage that it creates individuals like Alex.

Alex lives in a violent and insensitive environment at home and socially. The state is repressive and constrains free speech and expression. It is in such an environment that Alex drinks drug-laced milk cocktails to deaden his feelings and emotions, especially before a night of violence. Like the state numbs expression and uses violent means to enforce its will, Alex numbs his expression with drugs so he can violently impose his will. After his droogs terrorize one victim, Alex informs us, ôthere was like quiet and we were full of like hateö (Burgess 23). In this state, Alex is often confused about emotions that stem from human capacity for ôgoodness.ö We see this when he observes something to him that ôlooksö like love, ôAnd he like gave this Georgina of his a like loving lookö (Burgess 189). Such expressions remain foreign and confusing to AlexÆs personality.

Alex is fascinated by AlexanderÆs philosophy on free will. However, he misses the point in that there is always a conflict of wills when one individualÆs will clashes with anotherÆs. AlexÆs will clashes against the state and those who express good in society. However, he believes f...

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