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Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 basically represents the different view of the future in international air travel held by Airbus and Boeing. The Airbus A380 represents the first ôfull tripe-decked super jumbo-jet as well as the first true competitor to the Boeing 747ö (Airbus, 2004, p. 1). Critics have argued that neither airport runways and facilities or the aviation industry is ready for the jumbo airline whose biggest model, the A380-900 will carry 650 passengers in three classes, (Airbus, 2004). This analysis will discuss the impact this new breed of airliner will have on the transportation industry and travel.

The Airbus A380 is the worldÆs largest commercial international airliner. At a cost of $275 million each, the Airbus A380 can cruise at 560 m.p.h. at an altitude of 35,000, carrying as many as 650 passengers in three classes, (Airbus, 2004). The Airbus A380 was designed in part to help ease airport congestion and lighten the number of aircraft in operation at one time to ease already overburdened air traffic control systems. Likewise, Airbus A380 was developed as a response to the future. As Bond (2004) asserts, ôàthe germinating Airbus Industries SA-Boeing Co. case reflects, and in a sense arises from, long-standing and growing differences between the companies on how intercontinental air travel will evolve in the early decades of the 21st centuryö (p. 34).

The Airbus A380 has adopted a conventional airliner design in order o accommodate existing runways and gates at airports. However folding wings may be offered for some airlines that do not have the capacity to handle the jumbo airliner. The Airbus company believes the jumbo airliners may be a few years ahead of their time, but they believe by producing them now they will be poised to gain competitive advantage by 2020. At the present time, Virgin Atlantic, Air France, Korean Air Lines, Qantas, Emirates Airlines, and Singapore Airlines are known operator


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