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Amelia Earhart

The life and aviation career of Amelia Earhart left a tremendous impact on the world of aviation. While there were other female pilots before Earhart, many of them faster or more decorated, EarhartÆs popularity with the public helped expand the role of women in aviation more than any female flier of her era. When the Wright BrothersÆ plane took to the air in 1903, women were still prohibited the vote and viewed as inferior to men when it came to what was considered a male occupation like flying. For instance, Earhart was trained by Neta Snook, a pioneer aviatrix who was refused admission to aviation school because of her sex.

Born into a lawyer family in 1897, Earhart was a tomboy as a child and eventually began studying for a medical career. However, in 1920 her lawyer father took her to a California air show and bought his daughter a ten-minute airplane ride as a present. Earhart knew the minute the plane took flight that she, herself, had to become a pilot. After the flight, she stated: ôAs soon as we left the ground, I knew I myself had to fly.ö Within two years, Earhart would own her own plane and begin setting aviation records. This analysis will discuss the significance of Amelia Earhart to the world of aviation, particularly her influence on expanding roles for women in a previously male-dominated field.

Amelia EarhartÆs childhood experiences filled her with ambition and the desire to try new things. While there was no clear-cut path to female aviation for women of the era, EarhartÆs personality embodied a natural curiosity and spirit of adventure that would eventually lead her into the skies. As she says of her childhood, ôI have always enjoyed doing new things, first-time things. It is a desire I have had as long as I can remember. Whether it was considered æthe thing to doÆ or not was irrelevant.ö The Victorian era view of women still dominated gender relations in the U.S. With the outbreak...

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